What is full moon meditation?

Full Moon meditation

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The full moon can possibly deliver required changes in cognizance that will make human genuinely divine at the end of the world cycle. The full moon meditation offers particular energies that are useful to the spirit, to every single human soul. The cycle every year of voyages through the full moons uncovers the life of the Soul. In every adventure you can review qualities which already adapted, consequently reinforcing and engaging those qualities.

The ‘Full Moon Meditation’ rejuvenates our mind and body. This meditation is done sitting toward west or east. It is a brilliant ordeal to do this meditation sitting in the cool beams of the full moon.

Three crystals to use for a full moon meditation

The vast majority will pick the crystals which will best help them in the circumstance they require it for. Crystals are regularly utilized for clearing your psyche, meditation, helping with a physical issue,  for protection of yourself or your home, for mending, for chakra work, for stone elixirs, or for anything that appears to be appropriate.

Certain crystals work well during the full moon meditation. The most powerful crystals are Geode, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.


Geode pendant perfect for a full moon meditation

Geode pendant perfect for a full moon meditation!

Geodes are stones which has beautiful crystals inside but are plain on the outside. It can take millions of years for the space inside a geode to be filled, and numerous geodes remain partly empty. They can be a couple inches or a few feet in size.

Geodes are extremely helpful in invigorating the root chakra and grounding. In full moon meditation, imagine yourself little enough to sit inside your geode for healing and purification of your soul. One can fortify his air with a geode in this way too.

There are basically three types of Geodes, for example, Dugway, Septarian and Keokuk. Every geode holds uncommon vitality. They can hold pretty much anything. They are more about helping one to remember an inclination or a path than about recuperating different things, for example, meditating, one can hold that learning and help you in recalling to do it, or to work out, or getting the rest you require, or something as straightforward as remembering to smile. It is essential that you find the one that connects to your soul and holds a feeling you connect to when meditating with geodes.

Geodes are ideal for full moon meditation. They are useful for relieving and de-stressing. Helps in deep sense of spirituality and psychic. Geodes are brilliant for anything to do with feminine energies. They can be used to enhance fertility and imagination. You can use geodes to speak to the goddess in her ‘Creatrix’ frame and to make a connection with the universe and earth. You can put objects inside a geode to purify and energize them.


Amethyst pendant perfect for a full moon meditation

This sliced Amethyst pendant is perfect for a Full Moon meditation

Amethyst is a crystal stone which are likewise suitable for full moon meditation. Amethyst is a thoughtful and quieting crystal which works in the spiritual, emotional, and physical planes to promote peace, balance, and calm. It is likewise used to dispose impatience. Most Amethyst crystals originate from Brazil, US and South Korea.

Amethyst is connected with the sixth and seventh Chakras, which are the Third Eye or Brow (sixth) and the Crown (seventh).

The sixth Chakra or Third Eye is the energy center for all levels of cognizance. Amethyst is viewed as an accommodating assistant in meditation and in the help of psychic visual empowerment.

The seventh Chakra or Crown controls the energies used as a part of any mental movement. Amethyst crystal is used on the Crown to permit past life review to rise.

Amethyst is a decent touchstone, a stone to keep in your pocket and rub a few times each day for its elevating vitality, or you can wear it on a chain around your neck, against your skin.

All through history, the lavender, lilac, and purple amethyst crystal have been connected with royalty. The crystals have additionally been utilized for an assortment of health conditions all through the ages, going from sleep disorder to alcohol addiction to torment and mental brokenness. Amethyst has a horde of characteristic guides for the body by creating little, recognizable levels of attractive fields. Amethyst may really deliver ideal results while full moon meditation. Since the body has its own attractive field, it is conceivable that amethyst communicates and trades vitality with the body.

How Amethyst Crystal can help you in meditation?

  1. Select a delicately lit up space to start your meditation, one where you won’t be aggravated by noise, TV, or intrusions (this incorporates mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets). Take an agreeable situated position, and start to breathe in rhythmically/slowly. It is imperative that you’re concentrating on your relaxing.
  1. Start breathing slowly: inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
    As you inhale, imagine a white/golden light entering your nose going down your trachea and filling your lungs mid-section cavity and heart focus with lit up light. As you breathe out, imagine pressures, disappointments, and hassles leaving your body. Favor yourself and your harsh vitality by calling upon whatever defensive compel you feel most good with.
  1. Now you’re ready to get your amethyst, put the crystal in your left hand and look upon its purple shading. Unwind and adjust to the crystal’s vibration. In the wake of looking upon your crystal, take a stab at utilizing your right hand to touch the crystal’s points. Close your eyes and imagine the purple shade of your amethyst crystal as a brilliantly sparkling purple circle gradually turning clockwise over your head.
  1. When you are ready to return to your meditation room, simply count reverse from ten to one. At the number of one, gradually open your eyes. Stay situated and watch how relaxed you feel.
Amethyst works perfect for a Full Moon Meditation

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Rose Quartz

Handmade Rose Quartz Crystal

A Rose Quartz pendant is perfect for that special Full Moon meditation!

The beautiful and lovely Rose Quartz, with its tender pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It conveys a delicate female vitality of sympathy and peace, healing and tenderness, support and solace. Rose Quartz crystal talks straightforwardly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving passionate injuries, fears and feelings of hatred, and flows a divine cherishing energy. Most rose quartz crystals originate from Brazil, China, US, India.

As a stone of affection, sensuality and tenderness, Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal for full moon meditation, fortifying sensual imagination.

Rose Quartz is a consoling and calming crystal. It is a brilliant sleep crystal for children and adults, giving lovely dreams and additionally avoiding bad dreams or nightmares.

How Rose Quartz Crystal helps you to meditate?

  1. Cleanse and favor your crystal, and find a calm, delicately lit up spot and center yourself. Close your eyes and “adjust” yourself to the delicate pink shade of the stone.
  2. Start breathing slowly: inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
    As you breathe in, imagine a pinky beam radiating from your Rose Quartz. Allow yourself to imagine this pink beam going through your nose with every breath, filling your midsection and lungs and afterward moving specifically into your heart center.
    As you breathe out, imagine every one of the strains stress, and passionate conflict leaving your body in dull whirl’s of energy that you remove from your mouth.
  1. As you go more profound into your meditation, Again, allow the beam of pink light to fill your whole body, sparkling pink vibrational energy moving from your heart center and all through your limbs. Picture yourself emanating with the pink beam from head to toe. Feel your body in attunement with your Rose Quartz crystal. Permit yourself to feel self-worth, self-love and love for all.
  1. When you are prepared to end your Rose Quartz meditation, count reverse from ten to one. At the count of one, open your eyes and breathe profoundly. Appreciate the warm vibes that you feel.

3 Crystals to use for a Full Moon meditation