African elephant ringIf you do not live in a tropical climate – you must surely be under the influence of the autumn blues. Since taking an exotic ride on a shapely elephant during the cold days’ season is hardly possible for most of us – you can instantly improve your mood by… getting yourself an African elephant ring!

Find empowering energy with a new African elephant ring!

Treat yourself with this precious silver ring with an African elephant’s motive – it is encrusted with turquoises and has many fine details, making features of the biggest African animal so lively. In the wild, those animals have ears of almost two square meters. However, they do not have leaves embossed in silver which our African elephant ring has.

Turquoise crown atop his head and a turquoise accent on the forehead make the ring very energetic. This custom made jewelry symbolises strength, honour, stability and patience. For most of us, elephants seem to be very sensitive and intelligent creatures so – it is a splendid idea to have their restorative symbol with you anywhere you go. Although it appears to be very adorned – many of our customers have already confirmed that it fits all types of apparel. Ready to go out with the new ring on your finger?

How to become somebody else, at least at the weekends?

Show the world what you have in store for it! You can fight your autumn blues by attending the costume parties with an African elephant ring on your finger. Inspire yourself with its glam and dress up as an African princess. If you like less abstract solutions why not trying to turn into a hippie style woman with lots of turquoise jewellery? With our handmade jewellery you will surely stand out in the crowd – you will not go unnoticed. Moreover, appearing in disguise together with a group people will give you a reviving feeling in these cold days. It will put you in a good mood for the rest of the weekend!

Organise a palm SPA party

Turquoise African Elephant Ring

The beautiful Turquoise African Elephant Ring! Click the image to buy now.

We are writing about it for the first time – we are delighted when our customers present TOMAxALEX jewellery on the beautiful and well-treated hands! We think this is one of the essential elements of a daily elegance. As a visit to SPA resort can be a little challenging thing to organise for your finances – it is very easy to set up a palm SPA party with a few best friends.

Just find one free evening, gather all your favourite cosmetics and relax in a cosy place. Share your ideas of a hand care and test it on your palms. We guarantee you will enjoy it more if you organise them regularly- you will have a greater motivation to see your friends on dull days more frequently. After you finish the SPA treatments – put your favourite jewellery on, like the African elephant ring, and take wonderful pictures together showing the significant outcomes of your beauty efforts!

Get yourself a pass to travel, get new experiences!

African Elephant ringIt is believed that nothing makes a human’s life more fulfilling than participating in an unforgettable, exciting event. Of course, there are certain materialistic aspects of life which we mustn’t forget, simply to make a living, but an opportunity of experiencing something new and exciting is much more rewarding than spending money. Cold days are the best time to make the final decision of getting away somewhere far for a few days. It is high time, to tell the truth: no matter how much money you have, assuming you have accumulated something on your account – each fall/winter season you tell yourself it is not the right time to do so.

The time is now – as long as you are healthy, full of energy and hungry for life. Travelling is a long-term investment. You will never forget the fabulous experiences of a sunny beach in Mexico, taking a ride in a gondola in Italian Venice or any other place considered as a sunny paradise.
The African elephant ring by TOMAxALEX can be a small addition to your getaway clothing creations – it will perfectly suit bikini, and at dawn, it will become an elegant ornament your friends or a partner will admire during an evening meal. Moreover, things that you have with you during vacations are readily associated with something nice.
It is only you who can make them a paradise amulet.