Colored Quartz

Quartz stone can have so many different colors

A woman and her jewels are simply inseparable. You will hardly find a woman in this world who does not fancy a sparkling piece of jewelry. For the typical lady, everything in life comes second to her box of jewelry. It is no surprise then that jewelry makers too design jewelry keeping mostly women in mind. However, with the changing times, the metrosexual man also likes his chunky bracelets and single-ear studs. Thus, jewelry brands are living the good times, what with gemstones getting the drool from both the sexes. Nevertheless, the fairer sex still constitutes the major chunk of customers in the jewelry business.

A crystal called Quartz

At first glance, there is nothing particularly striking with the humble quartz. Quartz gets its name from the German word ‘quarz’ (Slavic origin). It is the second most common mineral to occur in the earth’s crust and has a crystal structure that is also chemically known as SiO4 (Silicon oxygen tetrahedral). This might sound pretty mundane to the discerning fashionista in you, but there’s more to quartz than its humble origins suggest. Quartz has quite a few varieties that have been declared semi-precious gemstones, due to the rarity of their occurrence. These varieties of quartz have been used for centuries to create gorgeous jewelry in the European and Middle Eastern countries. Now, quartz jewelry is back with a bang in the jewelry world, owing to its relatively lower costs when compared to other expensive gemstones like diamonds, emeralds or rubies. Quartz goes exceptionally well with almost all metals. They not only look exotic when made into chunky rings that both men and women can wear, their transparent ‘crystal-clear’ purity of texture allows them to be cut into various shapes and sizes to make all kinds of dainty ornaments.

Colors reflected in Quartz

Quartz can have so many unique color refelctions

Quartz refracts light due to its prismatic structure and shines almost like diamonds in bright light. That also depends on the cut of your quartz. Amethyst is also a type of quartz and so is zirconium. Till the world-war 2, Brazil was the undisputed supplier of quartz crystals to the entire of Europe and Asia. After the war, however, attempts were made to synthesize this naturally occurring mineral to meet the demands by jewelry manufacturers all over the world. Finally by the 50’s, quartz began to be synthetically manufactured owing to the ‘hydrothermal synthesis’. This caused a further surge in the demands of the natural quartz, which began to be appreciated more, now that it was rare! Quartz jewelry is popular with women till now because of its affordability and pristine look.

The Rose Quartz: A worthy cousin

The ‘rose quartz’ is a colored variety of the quartz family. It occurs in large chunks or masses of rock which have a translucent quality to them. It should not be confused with another variety of colored quartz known as ‘pink quartz’ which is different in both nature and characteristics. For one, the cause behind the pinkish hue in the pink quartz is not the same as in rose quartz. Also, rose quartz is not sensitive to light, unlike the pink quartz. They also occur in different areas. Pink quartz is crystalline while rose quartz is just a translucent mass of rock. The rose quartz has boomed in popularity in recent times, owing to its delicate even color. Rose quartz is mostly found at extremely high temperatures (400 to 700 degrees). The mining for this type of quartz has to be manual since any type of explosion would shatter them completely. Commercial mines of rose quartz are found in Madagascar, Namibia, USA, Brazil and South Africa. Rose quartz has a historical connection too. Rose quartz is in existence since ancient times with its discovery dating back to 600 BC. It has been around since the times of the Egyptian kings with many Rose Quartz masks having been unearthed from Egyptian tombs. The Rose Quartz also found favor in the Tibetan civilization as well as in the Oriental culture of China and Japan.

Quartz growing out of a stone

Quartz growing out of a stone

Rose quartz is said to have therapeutic qualities as well and is a sleep inducer for adults as well as children. It is said to have a calming effect on the nervous system and is used in trauma therapy by many naturotherapists. It is also used to soothe burns and reduce blistering when rubbed lightly against the affected area. It has been proved that it stimulates proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system. It is also used in emotional healing and chakra healing as it is said to have spiritual qualities (according to ancient Hindu texts). According to Hindu astrologers and gemstone experts, wearing a piece of rose quartz jewelry can induce feelings of wellness and spirituality in a person.

Rose, being a soothing color, blends in beautifully with other gemstones as well. Alternating with pearls and rubies, rose quartz crystals match them stone for stone, in spite of the other precious stones being more valuable in terms of price. Rose quartz on its own can give the conventional jewels a run for their money. The color rose is also associated with love, peace and tranquility. Hence it is used in fostering peace in relationships. Rose quartz has a tremendous visual appeal and is said to unite friends and lovers. The very sight of the color rose or pink makes one feel at ease. And of course, it goes without saying that all women just adore pink and every other shade of it! No surprise then, rose gold is the hottest color in jewelry right now. Team up your regular wear with a rose quartz and gold pendant to make heads turn right till you reach office.

Blue colored Quartz

Blue colored Quartz

Move over diamonds. Rose quartz is the economic woman’s new best friend, since they are far cheaper than diamonds and look just as good. Top jewelry designers are trying out rose quartz in their haute couture collection of accessories and women are absolutely spoilt for choice when buying rose quartz accessories. An important thing to remember while buying quartz and rose quartz jewelry is not to pay more than the actual worth of the crystal (since these are not very rare stones) and to opt for natural varieties instead of the synthetic ones which do not have a long shelf life.

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