Unique Handmade Jewelry

This Unique Handmade Jewelry is from our Gypsy Jewelry collection.

Women like dressing up. From time immemorial, looking beautiful has been important to women. Men too have been part of the brigade but in lesser degrees.

Jewelries are a significant part of dressing well. They add to the style factor. They make people look beautiful. Jewelry for women can add to her femininity and social status.

Jewelry accentuates the personality. Anywhere in the world, jewelry is a part of everyday life, for both genders. Though women are known more to use them but men too wear rings, cuffs and other jewelry that goes with their personality and personal style.

In social occasions, jewelry finds place of importance. Be it weddings, parties and other occasions, jewelry reflects the wearer’s choice and personality. It completes the look.

A well tailored and fit dress can be taken one notch higher by accessorizing it right. Handmade jewelry that is unique has its own charm. A belt, a purse the right shoe and matching jewelry makes a perfect look.

Why should you choose unique handmade jewelry?

Unique Handmade Jewelry

Unique Handmade Jewelry from TOMAxALEX.

Well, first of all, they are unique.
Which means, there are less chances that there is another piece similar to it, leaving you the only one wearing it. It makes you stand out in the crowd. You may rejoice in the fact that among billions of people around the earth, you are the only one possessing it!

Isn’t that great? Add to that the fact that gypsy jewelry collections have their own charm. They have been around for many years. They have positive and symbolic meanings and allow the flow of positive energy. The rustic feeling that they have adds to their character.

  • Unique handmade jewelry adds to your personal style.
    Each one has his own style. You can choose a piece that helps brings out your personality. Jewelry that is produced in huge quantities has lesser appeal than handmade ones. The exclusivity factor of handmade jewelry is a reason why many choose them over others.
  • Black Tourmaline Pendant

    A beautiful handmade piece!

    Visit the exclusive necklace collection from TOMAxALEX. You will find pieces such as Geode Silver Plated Necklace with Closed Cluster or Black Kyanite Pendant with Gold Necklace and these are all one of a kind.

    A slice of unique geode stone or black kyanite dangling from a silver or gold chain that will steal the look of many people the moment you step into the party.

    • Handmade jewelry is an art.
      It is special. There is an aesthetic element to handmade jewelry because it is handcrafted. Its imperfections make it desirable. This art form can be preserved by keeping it in practice and vogue. The life of artisans who create these craftworks is intertwined with these jewelries. The ingenuity, imagination, skill and craft of the artisan are associated with the item he produces. To him, it is more than just jewelry. Gypsy jewelry can be saved from being extinct by choosing to purchase handmade jewelry.

    Wear a Turquoise Deer skull Ring or Turquoise crescent moon bracelet from TOMAxALEX , to  create your own signature style and also encourage the art of handmade jewelry.

    • It doesn’t conform to the “one size fits all” agenda.
      In the world of handmade, unique jewelry, everything doesn’t look the same. Each piece is a celebration. There is a story behind each piece. It’s about a person; the one who made it. And when it comes to exclusive Gypsy Styled rings collection, you can full well appreciate their presence in your life.
    Handmade Rose Quartz Crystal

    The stone of love

    Wear a Handmade Rose Quartz Crystal from TOMAxALEX, and see people turn around their heads.

    • When it comes to jewelry, we talk of quality over quantity.
      Those who are particular about their fashion sense and dress immaculately usually have a great collection of jewelry that matches their outfits. A great collection doesn’t necessarily have to be innumerous. It means a well chosen, collection that goes with each outfit and different occasions.
    • They make wonderful gifts for your loved ones.
      Imagine the priceless smile and happiness of your loved one when they learn that the piece you have gifted them is unique and handcrafted! The joy it would bring them to know that they are the only one to have this piece. The feeling of being exclusive that comes from possessing a handcrafted, gypsy jewelry is special to someone who knows what it is.
    • Gypsy jewelry is about the gypsy culture which is slowly dying.
      Gypsy jewelry is usually worn and created by people who belong to the ethnic group of gypsies from Egypt/India. These days, they have mingled with other mainstream groups and have almost become part of the modern culture. These pieces reflect their culture. We can learn about this dying culture and also be proud owners of this dying group.